Hearing Voices: A Short Story

Looking back through a folder on my current PC, labelled ominously as “old PC”, I have stumbled upon a short story that I wrote back in 2008 as part of the Pulp Idol competition run by SFX, a UK sci-fi magazine.

The story centres on a scientist at the heart of a deadly, global telepathy epidemic and is written as his final notes before leaving his lab.

At the time I thought I had written a masterpiece but alas my entry was ignored in favour of a myriad of much better entries.

Sadly that was the last time that SFX ran the competition and I’ve not been moved to attempt writing since.  But I still have my original effort and I think it is worth including here.

Incidentally, although I now recognise that my writing skills require some refinement, I still think the underlying story is a good one. Maybe one day I’ll revisit it.

View the PDF here: Hearing Voices (SFX)