I sold a clock!

Good news everyone!  I’ve sold a clock!!  With that excitement out of the way, I thought I’d write a quick post to explain the why, where and whatnots of clock selling on the internet.

I’ll start with the ‘where’ – Society6.  A couple of months ago I joined S6 as a seller, eager to expand my art to other merchandise not covered by RedBubble.  After perusing the product catalogue, I settled on a Wall Clock as perfect for my recent TMNT Headz design.

Because I can be quite lazy, I initially just uploaded an existing image, and so my Society 6 shop was born, with this rather poor clock as its only item for sale:

I did do some customisation for this (the background was meant to be a sewer cover plate) but I didn’t really like what I’d done.  I knew I could do better, and so I created some pizza!  I really did:

With 4 Half Shell Heroes and 4 pieces of pizza (flipped to make 8 unique slices) I could use the 12 to make a proper clock face. and hey presto I had a proper clock that I was happy with:

Fast forward a few weeks and I received an email telling me I’m about to be paid $3 – my 10% of the sale price for 1 TMNT Wall Clock in White.  It isn’t the money that makes me smile though, it’s the thought that someone, somewhere in the world, has a wall with a clock on it, designed by me.  Fingers crossed that 2017 makes a few more of these happy moments!