Pixelated Half-Shell Heroes

Another year passes and I once again note that my blog would appear to show I did absolutely nothing for a whole year.  I’m definitely consistent!

Except, I did do ‘something’, I ripped these awesome TMNT pixels out of the Konami 1988 Arcade game!


And then, after a little processing, I went ahead and created all sorts of merchandise on my RedBubble account.

Some of the merch uses tiled versions, like these fetching items modelled below:

Other items created include this awesome king-sized duvet which has a rainbow theme:

My RB portfolio has posters, prints, art boards, pillows, mugs, clocks, duvets, bags, pouches, cases, covers, stickers, cards, notebooks, skins, sleeves, t-shirts, hoodies, tops, tanks, dresses, leggings, scarfs, skirts, sweatshirts, kids clothes and probably more that I’ve forgotten and I’ve had some great feedback including one user who stated this was “…one of the coolest and most dope TMNT pictures I’ve ever seen!”.

I might have been quiet in 2017, but as a side-project to my normal life, it wasn’t a bad year 🙂