Sonic The Hedgehog: A Genesis Guide

I found myself looking for ways to visualise my love for Sega Megadrive classic Sonic The Hedgehog earlier this year. I’m constantly finding websites and other publications that feel the need to distill a video game into one or two screenshots and a summary description, and I feel like more could be done to better demonstrate the experience that a videogame offers.

I settled on iPad app “Flowvella” as the easiest option as it allowed me to very quickly put slides together and import media without the need to plan ahead – perfect for something I was working on late at night.

The finished project is embedded below and is fairly close to what I had in mind when I started.

This project got me thinking about other videogames that I want to see as more than just a summary, and then it got me thinking that maybe there could be a better solution to handle any game. What if a website could embed an iframe for anything that existed in its database. In just the same way that you can embed a tweet, or (as above) a Flowvella presentation, wouldn’t it be good if a website could display something that pops out of the page and really sells the game as something you would want to play.

This is something I hope to follow-up on soon.