Fleekr: My Twitter/Flickr Mashup

Back in 2012 I had this wonderful idea to build a website that attempted to determine the gist of a tweet from any Twitter timeline and marry it with something visual from Flickr.  This idea became fleekr.co.uk and it was going to be my pet project to keep improving it and making it stand out on the internet.

Sadly, parenting a second child got in the way of that ambition.  And then Twitter changed its API.  And then Flickr changed its API too.  And Fleekr died for a time.

Those excuses have now nostly passed and I’ve had the chance to bring Fleekr up-to-date.  Amazingly, after fixing the API calls to Twitter and Flickr, the site still works well enough to produce some great results, like this:


With the basics working again, I can focus on the tweet content and getting the core message better represented by the visuals.  Or I can let the project lapse again.  We shall see 🙂