Smooth Lines Needed

I’ve been trying to draw a little recently using an Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro and it is proving to be a lot harder than I expected.

Whilst I appreciate that the Pencil is very clever, it doesn’t compensate for my complete inability to draw smooth lines (or the fact that I’m not really an artist, or the fact that my ideas so often exceed my available time or skill… but that isn’t the point…).  It feels like every “straight” line I’ve ever drawn with the Pencil has been thanks to luck because I simply cannot find a way to get from A to B without creating a juddering mess.

Let me be clear here, this isn’t the Pencil’s fault – it is my own inability to be smooth.  I know this because if I pick up an actual pencil and put it to actual paper, the result is the same.

Here’s a picture of a frog that I drew for fun.  The eyes was created with shape tools and the rest was hand-drawn. Can you tell?


I guess the only way to overcome this limitation is to practice, practice, practice..  Or, find an app that smooths out lines for you?