Neo Geo Booko

I’ve started writing a little for The Retroist again lately and the thrust of my posts has been about the Neo Geo arcade and home console hybrid that I’ve sadly never owned. The reason for this path is that I really want to put together a book, and I really […]

Neo Geo Logo

I sold a clock!

Good news everyone!  I’ve sold a clock!!  With that excitement out of the way, I thought I’d write a quick post to explain the why, where and whatnots of clock selling on the internet. I’ll start with the ‘where’ – Society6.  A couple of months ago I joined S6 as […]

Merry Christmas 2016

It’s that time of year again when I start to feel a little Christmassy and try to channel that feeling into some art.  Since I used Assembly last year I thought I should do the same again, see if my limited skills have improved. Father Christmas and the composition here […]

Smooth Lines Needed

I’ve been trying to draw a little recently using an Apple Pencil on my iPad Pro and it is proving to be a lot harder than I expected. Whilst I appreciate that the Pencil is very clever, it doesn’t compensate for my complete inability to draw smooth lines (or the […]

Miniwallist Wallpapers

Thanks to the creator of Miniwallist – a minimalist phone wallpaper website – one of my images is featured as a background for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices! You can reach the image directly here: As you can see below, the site carries a nice variety of images, […]

Christmas Fun with Assembly

I’m now the proud owner of an iPad Pro and with that, I have a renewed interest in trying to develop my art skills. As a big fan of the Assembly app, and since it is the start of a festive month, I thought I should create something with a […]

Playing with Assembly

I downloaded an iPad app called Assembly a few nights ago, a fun little graphic design tool that I thought I could have some fun with. I was right! Though it is a little limited, creating a simple image was surprisingly quick and easy and the results were pleasing for […]

Don’t Leave Lights On!

Way back in 2010 I was having a play with a Flash-based gallery called ImageViewer. It was very easy to configure, you just needed to create an XML file with images, captions, links, etc. and you had yourself a little web-based presentation that would run responsively on a wide range […]

Lifes Rich Pageant

During 2014 I hit upon the idea of finding cover versions of every song from an album. The specific album wasn’t settled upon until I heard a cover of R.E.M.’s Cuyahoga by The Decemberists. The original could be found on R.E.M.’s 1986 album “Lifes Rich Pageant” and it happens to […]

Me, on Medium

Although most of my “writing” is over at The Retroist website, earlier this year I signed up with Medium and posted my first article. Entitled “The Writing of a Review, and What Happens Next”, this was my attempt to show the cool things than can happen when you write something […]